Joshua Tree

For my 25th year of life (My Golden Year, as I like to call it), I made a list of 25 goals that I'd like to accomplish. Go to Joshua Tree is one of them. For some reason, I have lived in California, and in close proximity to Joshua Tree, my entire life and have never gone. So I texted my best friend Ally and told her I was kidnapping her for a day trip. She's a photographer so she was all about it and insisted that we do a shoot when we get there. We left in the early afternoon and were there just in time to have a drink at a saloon, then rushed to the National Park to get that golden hour lighting. If you've never been to Joshua Tree, I must say, go for sunset. If you only have a day, take advantage of at least that.

We splattered gold glitter on my face and I danced around in this illa illa dress that I am obsessed with that was gifted to me awhile ago.

We kept calling it Coachella Weekend 3. We didn't go to either weekends, nor have we ever been, but I'm pretty sure this was more fun.