Welcome to New York

A week ago today I made the jump and flew myself and a majority of my personal belongings to the bold, the beautiful, NEW YORK CITY. Making this move was something I have been dreaming of for as long as I can possibly remember; and I actually mustered up enough courage to do it!

I will still be pursuing acting out here; whether that be theater, film or television, I have no preference. I just want to act. If I can act I will be happy. In New York I can act and it just happened to be time for me to experience a new city. Los Angeles will always be home and my heart, and I am positive I will return one day. I just needed to do this for myself before it became a missed opportunity. I think I made the right decision, but only time will tell. *I'm currently feeling optimistic*

Week 1 Update: So far so good! Honestly the biggest concern I had was being able to find a side job so that I'd be able to live in this city that has a reputation for being incredibly expensive (which isn't true by the way...LA is just as bad). I somehow managed to find not one job...not two jobs...but THREE jobs all in the first 7 days of being in New York. I decided to turn down the very first one but for anyone worried I was going to go broke: Well, I'm not... so... hah!

My best friend Ally got to spend my first few days in the city with me and we did some exploring and touristy things, and I basically had the TIME OF MY FREAKIN LIFE. I'd actually only ever been to New York once before and I was thirteen and we were here for less than 48 hours (I think) and I didn't even see Central Park. So yeah this was all crazy new and exciting for me and I'm absolutely obsessed with this city! I genuinely don't think I will ever NOT get emotional when looking at the New York City skyline. That thing is magical. My favorite moment was my third night when we went to a bar in Brooklyn right on the water and watched the sunset behind this stunning view of the city. If you know me at all you know a couple of happy tears were definitely shed. I am currently very content and at peace with where I am and how things are going. I'm sad to have left so many amazing people back home in LA, but I am hopeful I will meet many more here as well.

It's only been a week but if anything extraordinary occurs during my life in NYC, you best believe I'll be writing another blog post.

Until then

xoxo Dani